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Dahab | South Sinai

An oasis in the Red Sea

Dahab is a small Beduine town in Egypt, to the north of Sharm El Sheik.

In 1990 Dahab began to open up to the world. Situated between the desert mountains of the Sinai Peninsula and the depths of The Red Sea, Dahab provides the opportunity to enjoy a huge variety of sports. From diving, freediving and climbing to hiking in the desert, windsurfing and kite surfing. Dahab has it all.

Nowadays Dahab has become a must -visit site for divers and freedivers alike, largely due to the biodiversity of its waters. Furthermore, with its crystal-clear water and distinct lack of currents, it offers perfect diving conditions almost all year round. In addition, Dahab´s bohemian spirit and welcoming atmosphere make it a place of respect and open coexistence, where everyone is welcome.

Dahab is a vibrant town centered around the sea. As a result, there are multiple ways to spend the day at one with nature. It is a quiet place with its own special charm.

Dahab is a town with endless possibilities. Whether it´s a dinner in the desert, a trip to Mount Sinai, a morning spent snorkeling over the reef or a visit to the world-famous Blue Hole, the undoubted main attraction of Dahab. An underwater cathedral just a few metres off the coast, it is considered to be one of the world’s natural wonders. What we know for sure is that Dahab won´t disappoint!

flights to Egypt

The closest airport to Dahab is Sharm El Sheikh International. From Spain, most flights make a stopover in either Istanbul, Turkey or in Italy, most commonly in Rome or Milan. Once you have landed in Sharm El Sheikh, we can organise your transfer from the airport to Dahab, which is just over an hour away by car.


The entrance visa to Egypt costs $ 25 and is processed at the airport upon arrival. This visa can be paid in either euros or dollars. It´s important to remember, credit cards are not accepted.

If you fly into Sharm El Sheik and your plan is to remain in the Sinai Peninsula for the duration of your visit, there is an option which allows you to stay for up to 14 days without paying the visa fee. However, if your plan is to visit other parts of Egypt during your stay, this no longer applies.

For longer visas from Spain, consult the Egyptian embassy or consulate in Spain.

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how to get to Dahab


536 km separate the hustle and bustle of Cairo from the peace and quiet of Dahab. There are several options to make the journey:

  1. Bus: The journey takes roughly 8 hours and is one of the cheapest options. The companies that run this route are We Bus, Go Bus and Blue Bus.
  2. Taxi: Generally not the most recommended option and prices can vary massively. The trip takes between 6 and 8 hours.
  3. Plane: Several local airlines fly daily from Cairo to Sharm El Sheik. EgyptAir, Nile Air and Air Cairo are some of the most notable. The flight lasts less than an hour and generally costs between 40 and 60 euros.

Dahab is approximately 100 kilometres from Sharm El Sheik. The connecting road is in very good condition. The different options are:

  1. Bus: This is a well-travelled road with several daily buses going in each direction. The bus leaves from the centre of Sharm El Sheik, not from the airport.
  2. Taxi: This is undoubtedly the fastest option. The fare is approximately 30 euros.
  1. Plane: There are several flights from Hurgada to Sharm El Sheik. Some are direct, whereas the others require a stopover in Cairo.


The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound (le). In Dahab you can easily get cash out from ATMs with your debit or credit card. Most things can be paid for by card. Another option is to change money directly in a bureau de exchange or in banks.


Dahab’s official language is Egyptian Arabic. Even so, most locals can get by in English.


From December to February, the water temperature drops to around 22 degrees. From April, it steadily rises and reaches a high of around 29 degrees in August. From September, it gradually begins to drop again.

The warm season is from May to October, with July and August being the hottest. The weather is dry year-round, although there are numerous days each year when the wind does pick up. Rainfall is very scarce, at the end of the day, we are in the desert!


Before travelling we always recommend getting travel insurance. In Dahab there are pharmacies and hospitals.

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